Create Your Site Yourself!

The Design

Design your site yourself!​

With an intuitive drag & drop design interface, it’s easy to create a professional looking site with state of the art features. No need to learn how to code, very simple and easy to learn.


Money Savings

Save Lots of Money!

Namibianyze allows you to skip past the costly obstacles that delay your project from lifting off. You can start your design with a template and customize your site until you feel at home!

No Fix Needed
No Hosting Required
Email Aliases Included

We include 5 Email Aliases with your site address for further savings!

Site Address

https:// .
FREE Custom URLs

Get your free site address for your brand before anyone takes it.

Royalty Free Images

Unlimited amount of high quality images provided by

Pick The Perfect Address For Your brand!

We are glad to provide you with a FREE address that connects your brand directly to Namibia. You do not need to search for a domain to buy and register before you get online. 

No Registration
No Time-based Renewal

Get Support

Need help getting started? Get Expert Support!

We have experts on standby to help you design the perfect site!​

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